25 mars 2014

Why you should not go to OVH

OVH is a hosting company founded in France and it is now taking over the World.
It became famous by offering some cheap domains and easy-to-setup shared hosts. It was a "by devs for devs" offer and it was great ... aaaah back in the days!
I think I opened my account in 2006 and it was the Golden Age. Accessing your website was fast. The admin panel was slow but offered so much possibilities compared to competitors.

Your website? HERE it is!
Eight years later the admin panel hasn't changed (pff, what's 8 years on internet). They just added a few button but it's still sloooooooowww (imagine me typing in slow motion). And for a few years, hosting something like a Worpress site/blog gives you the opportunity to bang your head on the keyboard.

While they are getting better at marketing, show the big-ass data centers they are building everywhere and offer more and more kinds of services, the shared and dedicated hosting offer is suffering. The hotline, when it answers, seems at best drunk.

Anyway, I just saw an interesting fact. While launching in US, they don't offer shared hosting: http://www.ovh.com/us/index.xml
And of course, no start offer for dev/test purpose.

So if you have any good host company to suggest, please post that in the comments. The Cloud Paas's can show limits sometime. (even if I love Heroku!)


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